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Dudgeon Sub-Station Jacket Upending and Roll-out

Dudgeon Sub-Station Jacket Upending – March 2016


Project Award

Engineering Design for the Dudgeon Wind Farm sub-station jacket was awarded in
October 2014 to Sea and Land Project Consultants, based in New Malden, Surrey.  
Design work continued apace both in New Malden and alongside Sembmarine SLP
in Lowestoft, all overseen by Siemens Transmission and Distribution Limited, who
had awarded the design-work to SLPCL and construction to Sembmarine SLP.


Unusually, and as a first for any North Sea jacket in British waters, the Dudgeon
sub-station jacket structure utilises suction bucket technology at the four corners
at the base of the jacket. 


Each bucket has been designed to be 9m high and weighs 100 tonne (approx.) 
with a planned 5.8m of the height of the bucket sunk into the sea bed.

Upending the Jacket

The heavy jacket structure was upended in the Lowestoft yard in early March 2016
by global heavylift specialists ALE.




As another first for jacket engineering in the UK, it also involved not only putting it upright,
but then 
jacking it up another 14m high, in order to position the suction buckets underneath
each of the jacket legs.  ALE provided and operated a Mega Jack 800 jacking system for this part of the job.



Each bucket was loaded onto an SPMT trailer and put into place underneath the jacket legs.


Once this was done, the jacket continued to be held up in the jacking system
as all four of the 
suction buckets were welded in turn to the jacket, to become
part of the structure.





With suction buckets in place, the structure was made ready to be moved along
the quay 
to be loaded-out onto the waiting barge.





A timelapse video of the load-out of the jacket onto the barge in Lowestoft Harbour can be viewed here:



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