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A First for British Waters


Dudgeon Sub-Station Jacket Sail-away and Installation – May 2016

With the Dudgeon Sub-Station Jacket safely on-board the barge, docked alongside 
Sembmarine SLP’s yard in Lowestoft, sea-fastening was undertaken over the following 
weeks from April and into May prior to sail-away.

By May 11 2016, the 1500 tonne jacket was ready to be moved and the barge was cast off and towed out of Lowestoft Harbour by three tugs.



North of Lowestoft, the barge met up with sea-going tug Pegasus, which took it 100km to the 
Dudgeon site 32km off Cromer, Norfolk, to await the arrival of the installation crane vessel from Holland, Seaway Heavy Lifting’s Stanislav Yudin.



Installation was carried out in calm weather on 20th May 2016 as the suction caissons at the bottom of the jacket legs were sucked into the seabed, the first time this has been done in British waters.


The jacket, now successfully installed into the seabed, awaits the topsides, which is currently under manufacture at Sembmarine’s Lowestoft yard.  the dudgeon sub-station installation is expected to stand in the sea for at least 25 years.


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