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Oil & Gas

Sea and Land Project Consultants Limited is primarily focused on providing design consultancy services to the Offshore Oil & Gas industry and to the EPC and EPIC construction market. Our core Design Engineers have worked closely with each other for more than 25 years which gives us the edge through a wealth of design experience within this field.


Sea and Land Project Consultants Limited provide design services from initial Feasibility Studies; through Front End Engineering Design (FEED); to Detailed Design of Offshore Structures. Our experience covers the following:

  • Offshore foundation structures – jackets, gravity and self-installing
  • Topsides facilities – integrated decks and modules
  • Project Management
  • Procurement
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Advanced structural analysis
  • Installation engineering
  • Marine engineering 
  • Mid-water arch buoys
  • Lightweight materials
  • Inspection, strengthening, repair and maintenance
  • Platform abandonment and decommissioning

Scroll down to see the range of design work we can offer:

  • Minimum Facility Platforms (MFPs)
  • Accommodation Modules & Process Decks
  • Topsides & Jackets
  • Mid-Water Arch Buoys
  • Subsea Protection Structures

Minimum Facility Platforms (MFPs)

For a number of years Sea and Land Project Consultants Limited participated in the development of a standardised range of production platforms for use on marginal fields in the North Sea. The main feature of this design concept is a jacket arrangement that was developed to minimise wave loading and therefore structural weight and cost for substructures supporting relatively small topside loads. Over 20 structures of this type have been installed in the southern North Sea, serving as wellhead platforms, supporting up to 6 wells, in water depths up to 50 metres.

Sea and Land Project Consultants Limited is a market leader in the design of MFPs destined for the North Sea. This position has been achieved by the development of standard designs for platforms with Minimum Facility Platforms (MFPs).

Key features in the design of MFPs are as follows:

  • “Off the shelf” design
  • Standard substructure design adaptable for differing water depths, environmental and soils conditions
  • Minimised environmental loadings
  • Long fatigue life to reduce sub-sea inspection requirements
  • Standardised installation approach
  • Simplified rig interfaces
  • Developments improved by lessons learnt feed-back

Accommodation Modules and Process Decks

As well as providing accommodation modules for new platforms, Sea and Land Project Consultants Limited has built replacement modules for older platforms that have been in the sea for a number of years. Modules of the platform may need updating to meet revised health and safety requirements or due to wear and tear. Sea and Land Project Consultants has designed innovative solutions for replacement modules to existing platforms, whether they be living quarters, heli-decks, process decks or other bespoke requirements.

Topsides & Jackets

Sea and Land Project Consultants has designed many offshore topside and jacket structures. Most of the projects carried out have been EPC or EPIC contracts with the engineering carried out by the current SLPCL engineers. Projects have ranged from 500 tonne MFPs to wellhead and accommodation jackets in water depths up to 106m. Installation methods have included lift installed, from both vertical and horizontal orientations, barge launched and hook assisted.


Mid-Water Arch Buoys

Mid-water arch buoys are used in floating production systems to support the risers taking oil from the wellheads on the seabed to the production vessel. They are often required to provide the necessary flexibility in the riser system and accommodate variations in tides and environmental conditions. Sea and Land Project Consultants has designed several MWAs, together with the gravity anchor blocks and tethers needed to ensure the buoy remains in the correct location.


Subsea Protection Structures

Pipeline stabilisation and protection systems

Products include

  • Flexible concrete mattresses
  • Pipeline impact covers
  • Pipeline weight collars
  • Pipe and cable bridges

Flexible concrete mattresses

Used for:

  • Stabilising pipelines against lateral movement
  • Preventing scour
  • Impact protection from trawl boards
  • Dropped object protection
  • Pipeline/cable crossings


Pipeline Impact Covers

Provides protection to pipelines against dropped objects and fishing gear

Typical impact loads 50 kJ to 300 kJ

Design issues are:
  • Seabed soil properties
  • Current and wave forces
  • Resistance to sliding
  • Resistance top bearing loads

Pipeline Weight Collars

Used to stabilise pipelines against movement

Collar shown is typically reinforced with polypropylene fibres

Pipe and Cable Bridges

Used for crossing existing seabed infrastructure
pipes, cables, umbilical lines

C50 concrete

Permanent lifting points for later removal

Sizes up to 36” pipeline crossings


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