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Drawing on over 25 years’ experience in the offshore environment, Sea & Land Project Consultants Limited has pioneered design work on a variety of onshore and offshore wind farms both nationally and internationally. In addition, we have been at the cutting edge in the design of foundations for wave and tidal energy devices. We provide consultancy in various aspects of wind, wave and tidal design and construction specialising in:

  • Meteorological Weather Masts
  • Foundations for Offshore Wind Turbine Generators
  • Topsides & Jackets for Offshore Substations
  • Foundations for Wave and Tidal Generation Systems
  • Innovative Solutions


Sea & Land Project Consultants Limited has designed several offshore anemometry meteorological masts to obtain weather data for the offshore Renewables industry.
We can provide full turnkey solutions for the installation of Meteorological Masts for offshore wind farms; project management; engineering design; procurement and construction supervision.


Sea & Land Project Consultants Limited’s engineers have designed monopile foundations for wind farms, going from conceptual design, to detailed design and creation of approved for construction (AFC) drawings. An example of this work is Thanet Offshore Wind farm, which consisted of 100 monopile foundations, each supporting a 3.5MW wind turbine generator (WTG).


Sea and Land Project Consultants Limited has a successful track record in providing lightweight platforms for a variety of applications in the offshore oil and gas industry. This expertise has proved invaluable in the design of jackets and topsides structures for offshore substations. We can also design and specify the electrical infrastructure, manage the cable laying operations and design, procure and implement subsea cable protection systems. We have recently designed offshore substations for use in European waters, and have gained considerable experience in the use of European codes and regulatory framework.


Foundations for tidal devices present particular challenges in both design and installation. By their nature, they are installed in areas of high tidal currents which makes installation a difficult and hazardous operation. The seabed in areas of high tidal currents is frequently bedrock, which further increases the difficulties of installation. For such situations Sea & Land Project Consultants Ltd has developed a bespoke drilling method, in which the drill string is clamped on to and supported by the pile sleeve. This enables the design of a lightweight but strong and stiff tripod foundation which resists the large generating loads from the turbine.

Other solutions proposed by Sea & Land Project Consultants Ltd include gravity bases. Because of the high tidal currents a considerable quantity of ballast material is required which needs to be designed to minimize the disturbance of the tidal flow through the turbine. However, a great advantage of gravity foundations is that no piling is required, and installation of a large array of turbines can be carried out with relative ease.


Sea & Land Project Consultants Ltd have carried out a number of studies on foundations needed as wind farms move into deeper water and the WTGs themselves get bigger and heavier. For these second and third round of offshore wind farms, monopile solutions are no longer feasible. In addition to jacket solutions we have also conducted studies into suction caisson foundations, gravity bases, floating solutions and tension leg platforms.

In particular a joint industry project (JIP) has been carried out, including both laboratory and in-situ testing, of suction caisson technology which has demonstrated the feasibility of this type of foundation solution

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